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    The Marvelous Cat.. I mean Jingkun

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    The Marvelous Cat.. I mean Jingkun

    Post  Jingkun on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:16 am

    Yes thats right, I'm writing this right after having posted several things that I can't even count right now, sleep is need for basic functions and I've had a bit to drink tonight. This whole post is bound to be riddled with erroers. Well let me start.

    I'm Jingkun, real name John, but everyone calls me JP. I wear a cat mask in maple for unknown reasons. I'm a lvl 58 Cleric at the moment but that is soon to change. I'm a casual player, not some coked up power leveler like alot of you maplers these days. Jingkun is my second character and I've been using him for 5 years now(1st char was closed beta but everything got wiped when that ended.) I'm fairly addicted to inventory expansion as well.

    Now for my IRL info. I'm 6'2", Brown/Blonde hair, Brown eyes(most of the time, if you want details come message me on maple), long hair. My teeth hurt. My fedora never leaves my side, gotta keep it lookin classy.
    I hate jeans.
    My favorite net expression is XD.
    I have a dog, its a Bichaun or something like that.
    I build computers for fun.
    I wait tables for a living/bartend.
    Yay 360.
    I live in Austin, Texas.
    I like music, as long as its not on maple(except phantom forest).
    Losing my mind just typing away like this, as a matter of fack the scoll bar is just jumping so i cant even see what i'm typing anymore. So i'm just gonna cut this short and say i like short chix and i love you all. and i'm an anime fanatic. omg seizures XD.

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    Re: The Marvelous Cat.. I mean Jingkun

    Post  Zuorai on Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:57 am

    awesome profile XD <~probably one of my favorite smile things too

    Good to have you move from my BL to the guild. I do hope you have some fun here!!

    fedoraaaaa <3 hehe.

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    Re: The Marvelous Cat.. I mean Jingkun

    Post  Jowshi on Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:06 pm

    *avid fedora wearer* high five xD

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    Re: The Marvelous Cat.. I mean Jingkun

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