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    New Patch this Wednesday!


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    New Patch this Wednesday!

    Post  Zuorai on Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:04 am

    Kinda old news I guess, but for some reason I just read up about it today. Looks like we'll have some more things to do as a guild besides GPQ attempts ~~> Link
    I'm looking forward to the "Agent Training Program" where you can see how many bosses you can kill as a group, or solo! Surprised!!!

    The new PQ in Elenia is making me think I need to either start a new character, or level up my theif that I made a long time ago and never did anything with o_o

    Also it looks like a Title System is going to be in play soon. It is sort of like the badge system we have here, but these are medals that give your character buffs! Tails Woah

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