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    Guild Quest 6-7-09 Update


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    Guild Quest 6-7-09 Update

    Post  Zuorai on Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:09 pm

    Well we managed to get 15 Guild points. Present
    Thanks for everyone who showed up and participated in our first GQ run. We got to the point where we need Max Haste/Dark sight and Max Teleport, and we had to stop though Sad

    I decided to post a mini guide for the statue part because people were pretty confused as to what to do.

    First, one person watches the statues to the left of the door, then another person watches all the statues to the right of the door. Everyone else just stands by the center door. Then, the party leader tells the 2 players watching statues when they will talk to the NPC. The statues will then light up in a certain order. As they light up, the 2 watchers quickly type what statue lit up by this grid format:

    This picture is just for reference. You should start the count at 1 at the far left side of the map, and keep counting up from there. If you are a watcher on the far right side of the door, it might help to write which row (A, B, or C) starts on which number.

    If we could get someone who has the hyperbody skill that would be great if we want to attempt the final boss. I'm not sure we are ready for it just yet:

    It can do 1k-4k damage if your armor/level/defense isn't great.
    I watched another video where someone spent about 700k and did meso explosion, and it killed the boss instantly! Maybe we can attempt this down the road.

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