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    Alrighty then.


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    Alrighty then.

    Post  Zuorai on Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:51 pm

    So basically, I can't play maple story. I tried, various ways, to get the new patch, and it just wont work. I don't know why, but anytime a new patch is required, my computer decides it wants to be very difficult. This can get frustrating Diddy

    So if anyone has been wondering where I've been, it hasn't been playing maple story because of the damn patch that wont work. I really wanted to see some of the new updates too Sad!!! I just don't know if I feel like redownloading the whole game EVERYTIME a patch comes out, so I'll update when my computer decides what it wants to do.

    Anywho, I hope no one has been too let down do to the lack of guild events. No one showed up to the first few I had posted in the forums, so I figured that no one was really checking the forums too often.

    I figure now, this is just a place for random updates and chatting (not so much guild event/guild pq planning cause it doesn't seem to work too well)

    If anyone, even someone who isnt a Jr. Master wants to plan a guild event, please do!! Your best bet would be to post it in the guild bbs in game. Just make sure you let EVERYONE know so you guys can plan it out. Have a Jr. Member change the guild announcement if possible.

    Well, I hope to talk to some of you soon.

    Ta~ Chao Spin

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